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Who are We? (Silky Locks)

About Hair Growth Oil & Serums

Hair growth oil of SILKYLOCKS UK has been specially formulated to combat hair loss and promote hair growth. I had been searching for a unique formulation, So finally after trying so many products on the market from hair serums, hair growth oil, masks, sprays, mixing our own remedies via recommendations etc. we were still unable to find something that actually worked.

I then researched heavily into this for 3 years till I found a formula, that works and I was happy with. I have bleached coloured hair myself so it was vital to design products that help with growth, thickness and silkiness.

It was essential to make sure the products are 100% being a naturalist myself, but I wouldn’t want to use a product with a ton of chemicals. I have experience of working in the formulation industry so coming out with products of my own wasn’t something I had no clue about. I have made sure that the products are of high quality and formulated by a lab.

Hair Growth Oil

We have sourced our ingredients out of the UK but this is due to the natural growth of certain ingredients, which cannot be sourced in the UK alone. We hope you enjoy hair growth oil and SILKYLOCKS products and start you silky hair journey with us!
Lots of love,


Sulphate Free


Crulety Free

12M Packing




100% Natural

We have derived ingredients to deliver exceptional results in promoting healthy hair growth. So therefore, This serum penetrates into scalp reactivating the hair follicle.


Tested & Analysed

We have worked on this formula for three years, So that in order to bring you the most unique effective blend.


Organic Oil

Our serum entails high quality ingredients, all naturally combined


Laboratory Tested

All our products have been formulated in lab to ensure correct quantities and formulations have been mixed. Our formulas have undergone safety procedures, So all are safe to use