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Silky Locks FAQ’s

Can I cancel my order?
Unfortunately all sales are final and once an order is placed we cannot change it
Are your products tested on animals?
No, our products are free from animal testing and 100% Vegan
Are your products natural?

Yes, we source our ingredients naturally and we have ensured we have derived our preservatives naturally too, our hair thickening serum & oils are 100% safe to use.

Who are your products for?
Our products are unisex despite the packaging, all hair types and conditions
What if I have a reaction?
Although our products are natural your body/skin could still react to something or certain ingredients you may not know of. If this happens and irritation occurs please stop using the product immediately
My serum is watery, is this faulty?

No, our serums are water based, this ensures the product is more potent and doesn’t lose its strength however we are working on a new formula to make the texture slightly thicker.

In the meantime it is completely normal to have received a watery serum as this is how our current formula stands.

Visit now to know , how to apply serums

My hair mask is yellow, has it gone off?
No, due to the natural ingredients of the product it is yellow. However we currently are working on changing this to white whilst keeping its potency and formula.

If your mask is yellow that is completely normal and fine to use. All formulas are fresh and the best before date is listed on the product.

hair thickening serum and faqs about the silky locks